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Miami Guide + Plans for the next months

They said you need time to figure out what you really want in this life….These months really helped me find myself and define WHO I AM and what I really want to be doing (it really takes time).  I realized I really need to define what STYLE MEETS ME is all about because it’s more than just pretty combinations and cool photos on Instagram. Style Meets Me is a site for inspiration. Style meets me is a place where my readers will feel better about themselves. Style meets me is a place where you’ll find tips and combinations for your next cool event. Style meets me is about personal growth. Style meets me is about discovering new and upcoming designers. Style meets me is about meeting yourself.

I’m more than thankful that I saw the statistics on my website and even if I was not posting my readers were still checking! Thanks so much!!!! These are the things you’ll be seeing the next months:

-New website design
-Better photos
-Daily content
-Pretty Collages
-Cool Editorials
-New topics
Here are some of my photos from my last trip to Miami, Florida

Where to have lunch?

  • Seaspice (best view of Miami’s downtown skyline and all the food is prepared in a unique visually-stimulating style)
  • Juvia (It’s on Lincon Road Mall so if you want to grab a drink and take an Instagram-worthy pic with the prettiest view of Miami HERE is the place)
  • Dolores but you can call me Lolita (If you’re walking through Brickell you’ll find this place very appealing from day to night….you can grab a cup of coffee on weekdays for lunch or go to a trendy lounge at night, amazing music, and décor!!)

What to visit? 

  • Wynwood walls (Great artists working in the graffiti and street art genre and SUPER Instagram-friendly)
  • Design District (Everything in ONE PLACE, you can shop, eat and go to art galleries)
  • South Beach (Hotspot for everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine and big margaritas hahaha)

Where to have dinner?

  • Michael Mina (If you’re a steak lover here’s the place to go)
  • Hakkasan (Chinese modern HEAVEN)
  • Nobu (Fine dining with the best sushi)

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