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The Best stylish Capes


Capes are trending big time this season.

As you may know it is a challenge to be unique and stylish and also keeping warm at the same time, but don’t worry, capes are a good choice when it comes to warmth and versatility, so you don’t have to worry… this trend is always a winner! Additionally, if you want to have something different in your wardrobe along with being able to look stylish, mysterious and cosy this will be a perfect coat/jacket alternative for this fall.


I can assure you that the investment you’ll make might seem pricey but it’ll be worth it. Lots of stores are including a great selection of capes.

Whether you use it for an eveningwear or a formal occasion like meetings for work, you can even dress up your jeans and you will totally own the look!




Let me give you some advices on how to use it and everything else you can wear with it, always be sure there’s a perfect cape for any occasion, you just have to feel confident and be yourself!

This time I used the cape that I bought at Zara with black jeans, knee high boots and also I add a lace top so the sleeves can have that feminist touch that I tried to use in all my looks!

Hope you like this look!

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