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San Francisco


I want to share with all of you some of the pictures of my weekend getaway trip to San Francisco. When you travel all the inspiration begins to come to you when your mind is free from your daily routine and your comfort zone, you have another perspective of life, ideas begin to flow and you begin to learn about different cultures and people’s way of doing things.

San Francisco

It’s never wrong to spend money travelling because you always grow personally and professionally. I assure you there´s no one that doesn’t learn something from this even if it’s just for a few days. So never forget that life should be an adventure, life should be fulfilling. life should be more than just existing!

The beauty of San Francisco and the friendly people amazed me; here are some recommendations of places to go, restaurants, and shopping.

Places to go: Golden Gate, Fisherman´s Wharf, Union Square, Palace of Fine Arts, Napa Valley, Crookedest Street.

Restaurants: El techo de Lolinda, Michael Mina, Gary Danko, Boulevard.

Shopping: Union Square 

San Francisco


San Francisco


I love mixing shoulder off crop tops with pencil skirts; I recommend you buy a black one because you can mix it up a little bit more…plus, it´s a classic. When I go to Napa Valley I opt for a more casual look, I can’t imagine walking there with heels…would you? haha so I wear my white VANS, denim shorts and a strapless white top, and last but not least a black hat that I bought at a local store. When I visited the ¨Must go¨ places I wore high waisted white shorts, a red crop top for a more joyful look and combined them with black lace up sandals.

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