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15 facts about me


  1. I’m 25 years old and the eldest in my family. I have a brother and a sister that are literally my best friends.

2. I majored in Marketing and have taken courses on Photography, Fashion and Digital Advertising. I’m planning on attending new courses or maybe an MBA? idk hahaha

London, December 09, 2012 while I was attending christmas school at Central Saint Martins

My first photography portfolio. Summer at Florence. May 22, 2013.

3. I love my pets. I have a Golden Retriever named “Aika” and a Persian Cat named “Manolita” (aka “Cutie pie” hahaha)

She’s the best running buddy hahaha

She loves tanning in the summer hahaha

Sometimes we take her for a ride haha 

She’s just good vibes 

4. I practice Yoga and Meditation every time I feel stuck to clear my mind and get better ideas and solutions.

5. I love to hang out with my friends: spending time with them at bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or even at their homes makes me happy.

6. My favorite thing to eat is Chinese food and I love Justin Bieber.

7. I can’t function without my coffee, I love Starbucks even though my Dad thinks it’s a waste of money.

8. I love to read books about self-improvement. Reading makes me realize I can see things in a different perspective.

9. Whenever I know I’ll be traveling, It’s imposible for me not to make a research on all the beautiful places I can take photos in.

10. The best experience in my life was attending the Tony Robbins seminar. (Yes, I walked through fire.) Life changing experience. (3 complete days without a break, I was not prepared but it was worth it).

11. Every time I get on a plane and I’m afraid I try to analyze the flight attendant’s face to know if everything is actually okay. (Yes, I hate planes but I love traveling.)

12. Believe it or not, I was the one bringing Starbucks coffee to everyone at Derek Lam New York when I was working in their sales department.

13. I love to create good habits in my life because small things add up on the long run.

14. I see problems as challenges so I know that when a door closes for me a better one will open.

15. I’m a strong believer that if everyone works on improving themselves the world would be a better place.

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